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Read on to learn why Vellacorp Painting is the first choice painter for Townsville home owners, property managers, and business owners.

Searching for the best painter in Townsville is always going to lead you here, to Vellacorp Painting.

Our company has been setting the bar for painters in Townsville for more than 12 years now. We are renowned in the area, as well as in Cairns, for painting that is second to none. This is as true for residential painting as it is for painting commercial properties.

We have a team of hard-working licensed painters—experts in the profession with full certification.

We are qualified and ready to work at heights and well-experienced in high-risk situations. We paint everything from bedrooms to boardrooms, from kitchens to coffee shops, from hotels to high-rises.

It’s not for nothing that Vellacorp Painting is a nominated Dulux Painter Of The Year.

How We Plan to Paint for You

With our insistence on quality, we have high standards. Completing the job to these lofty standards involves requirements that are surprisingly straightforward, even routine. As with most specialised tasks, the number one priority—with a capital P—is Preparation.

We arrive at the work site fully equipped and ready for action. We will have our plan. And it will be as efficient as it is effective.

We use the best painting products—Dulux preferred, of course—and fine-bristled brushes that Michelangelo would approve.

We mask off methodically to make sure every paint line is sharp and straight. We prepare the area properly with drop-sheets ready to catch any paint spatter.

We get up high where needed on safety-first scaffolding and Elevated Work Platforms. Nothing is done that would place people or property at risk.

Painting from Start to Finish

When it comes to achieving the results that our customers expect from Vellacorp Painting, we cut in with cool hands but we never cut corners.

Attention to detail is foremost in our painting—not just in terms of control and accuracy but also in achieving the silky smooth finish we want to see on our walls and ceilings.

We remain highly competitive. Our quotes will clearly demonstrate this to you.

In the unlikely event that someone undercuts our quote, we ask that you examine carefully the scope of work. And make sure you are comparing apples with apples. You certainly don’t want to be considering a quote that is a lemon.

Vellacorp guarantees you quality. The same cannot be said for many other painters… in Townsville or elsewhere.

Your Money, Your Move

We make painting easy for Townsville home owners, property managers, and business owners.

There are no fees and no obligations involved when you request a quote from Vellacorp for your painting. There is, however, the opportunity to get the job right the first time.

Call today so we can organise a quote for your project. Or simply leave your details and message on our online enquiry form.

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