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Read on to see why Vellacorp Painting has become the first choice painter for Cairns home owners, property managers, and business owners.

Professional Painters in Cairns

Search for the best painter in Cairns and you’ll end up back here with Vellacorp Painting.

We set the bar for professional painting in Cairns. Consolidating our reputation for more than 12 years now, our licensed painters are always ready for the next challenge—for new or renovated residential dwellings or for high-exposure commercial properties. 

Our hard-working painting team is fully certified and experienced in high-risk situations, such as work at heights and in tight spaces.  

Vellacorp Painting is a nominated Dulux Painter Of The Year. This should come as no surprise—we’ve painted everything in Cairns, from boardrooms to bedrooms, from cafés to kitchens, from high-rise apartments to hotel lobbie

Our Plan to Paint for You

As with many specialised tasks, the set-up is as important as the follow-through. Preparation is our priority at Vellacorp Painting.

We mentioned before about setting the bar… this insistence on quality means high standards are the norm here. We make sure we arrive at the work site, as scheduled, fully equipped, ready for action.

We then devise a plan that aims at efficiency, is never less than effective, and always ends up bristling with success.

Rolling with the best available paint products—Dulux preferred—is how we like to roll. We pay all the attention to detail, cutting in and laying off with brushes that deliver quality all the way.

Elevated Work Platforms and safety-first scaffolding is used to get us up high as needed. Nothing is done that would place people or property at risk.

Paint lines are sharp and straight because we mask off methodically in preparation and paint spatter is captured by our many drop-sheets. Clean-up is done with care because pride in our work is paramount.

Painting Like It Says On The Tin

We’ll cut in to get a great finish, but we won’t cut corners when it comes to quality. At Vellacorp Painting, we have our reputation at stake.

We’re after silky smooth finishes on our walls and ceilings. Control, accuracy and attention to detail are in-built in our painting procedures.

Vellacorp painting is your guarantee of quality. Our quotes are highly competitive. Try us.

In the unlikely event that a painter in Cairns, or elsewhere, undercuts our quote, we urge you to check the scope of work. Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. You won’t want a lemon of a quote.

Easy Value For Your Property

Painting adds value to your property straight away. And we make it easy for you, whether you are a Cairns home owner, property manager, or business owner.

When you get a quote from Vellacorp for your painting, it won’t cost you anything. And there are no obligations. Just the opportunity to get the job done right the first time.

Call today for a quote on your project. Or simply leave your message via our online enquiry form.

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